If it can’t be analysed, it’s not manageable

Social Media generates an enormous volume of data every day, offering companies a wealth of data that is highly complex to manage efficiently and profitably.

We will help you transform the flood of data generated daily into actionable Smart Data and Insights.

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1/ Brand Tracking on social media:

We help you:

> Create strategic social media reporting that speaks the language of General Management.

> Evaluate your daily effort on social media.

> Prove that social media investment is profitable.

> Identify the communication territories that perform best.

> Identify the investment strategies of your competition.

> Contextualise your performance on social media to respond to the question asked by every CEO and CMO: is our achievement large or small?

> Automate and facilitate reporting tasks in every organisational layer.

2/ Social Media Research (SMR):

“Social Media has revolutionised and invigorated the Market Research industry. With our SMR, Speed to Insights methodology, we help you extract real Business Insights, using the conversations and spontaneous opinions that users generate daily on Social Media.”
We help you:

> Discover what the consumer thinks about your brand with scientific rigor, based on internal (social networks) and external sources (blogs, news, webs) to enable collecting, filtering, digesting and transforming the information into quality insights.

> Scan all the feedback and emotions of your current and potential consumers on quantitative and qualitative levels.

> Discover actionable insights that will provide your business and your Brand with an immediate competitive advantage. Speed is of the essence in this environment.

> Anticipate future trends related to your brand, market, communication territory.

> Epsilon Technologies Social Media Research studies are based on ICARUS® software and the best monitoring tools in the market.

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