El espíritu del dato inteligente

Barcelona 1993, Álvaro Dévai and Pepa Forgas, two professionals with over 20 years of experience in marketing and fascinated by technology got together with a common objective: merging marketing with data management technology to better connect brands and people.

Prominent opinion leaders predicted a huge failure. The reason: marketing could not be understood with technology, even less with data. It was an impossible combination.

Álvaro and Pepa didn’t give up. They decided to create the first multichannel customer service centre to help brands make more effective and profitable promotions. Customer participation exceeded expectations. It was a resounding success.

Brands had discovered a new type of relationship with customers.

Years later, customer service centres became common marketing practice in Spain. This first success encouraged Álvaro and Pepa on their next adventure: leading a project to develop data base systems to capture and organise all the information the service centres were receiving. That information, segmented to personalise service, could accelerate sales processes and improve relations between brands and clients.

What seemed impossible, became possible. They had discovered a new type of relationship between brands and clients. All thanks to data.

The big guys began to get nervous:
How could these idealists and their team be doing this kind of thing?
When things had always been done differently!

Pepa Forgas and Álvaro Dévai were not perturbed. Instead of responding to the critics, they kept at it and launched another innovation: the first loyalty programmes. The initiative became a new marketing milestone in Spain. Their programmes eventually managed the personal data of over 17.000.000 consumers of the most important brands. This milestone made the big guys amenable to negotiating and collaborating.

Epsilon Technologies had earned its place but once again they forged ahead to prove that data technology had much to offer marketing.
This allowed them to make a huge leap forward and design a great multichannel platform that integrated various ways of participating in a promotion and loyalty programmes within a single Data Base (Contact centre + mobile codes + internet + couponing). This was the first step towards creating a proprietary CRM.

The industry was unanimous in praising Epsilon. Merging marketing with data intelligence was generating surprising results. Brands had achieved new ways of relating to their customers. And all because they were using data intelligently.

But there were other clouds threatening on the horizon. The crisis came in 2008. Pepa and Álvaro wanted to support the rise of brands in the digital era, but to do so required a new focus. Daniel Dévai joined the team to lead the company’s digitalisation.

This made it possible for the company to undertake its own Digital Transformation. Soon after, Epsilon offered the first data intelligence services based on Big Data: Digital Ethnography; Reputation Analysis; Consumer Experience Analysis through spontaneous opinions and digital tracking generated by consumers on social media.

Daniel Dévai and the new Epsilon team began developing proprietary data intelligence solutions for large brands. Fruit of this investment and all the accumulated know-how in marketing and data intelligence over 20 years was the in-house development of ICARUS DIGITAL®, a proprietary software of Epsilon Technologies for converting big data from social networks into data intelligence.

Today, ICARUS DIGITAL® is considered Spain’s most powerful and reliable artificial intelligence tool for social networks. From their offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris and London, Epsilon Technologies helps hundreds of brands transform into Digital Love Brands, converting data into Actionable Intelligent Inspiration (AII) to improve the relations between consumers/clients and brands.

Thanks to Epsilon Technologies’ technological and consulting solutions, digital marketing is increasingly precise, more scientific, more intelligent, more creative and capable of generating exponential growth.

The spirit of data has become a reality, and the reality of data has become a powerful dream for marketing today.

The dream of a world in which brands have become
Digital Love Brands, inspiring the positive
to make it a better place.

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